de l'ébranlement psychique

Given the evolution and influence of communication technologies, our language is changing and has to adapt. Text messages or tweets, these short messages punctuate our daily lives. However, the limited number of characters alters their understanding and often results in misinterpretations. This project was carried out with a group of student as part of a one-week workshop under the direction of studio A is a name.

With our personal experiences, we noticed that some of the text messages we exchange have sometimes resulted in major misunderstandings because we fail to recreate the tone of our message correctly. That is why we wanted to give an emotional dimension to these messages to ensure a good understanding.
To do this, we took the principle of Unicode as a base and have created hundreds of typographical symbols, each corresponding to a tone of voice or an emotional state. Then we listed them in a book where they are accompanied by some fun use instruction.

During project development, the symbols are gradually input into our daily life, creating our own secret language.

# P U B L I S H I N G

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